School of Evangelism

-Are you interested in attending evangelism training with Pastor Mark Finley and Ernestine Finley?

There is no cost to attend the training, however some classes have prerequisite requirments, check the descrption on the event page. You will find a form toward the bottom of this page to fill out when you decide which event you would like to register for.

Meet your Instructors

Pastor Mark and his wife, Ernestine “Teenie” have teamed up in ministry throughout the years. Teenie is known world-wide for teaching Natural Lifestyle Cooking and has authored a cookbook, instructor’s manual and workbook sharing her down-to-earth approach to nutrition, conducting evangelism training seminars, health expos and cooking classes across the world. Mark has presented more than 200 evangelistic campaigns around the globe in about 100 countries with the resulting baptisms numbering in the thousands. His best known association is as a television speaker for the series Experience Hope a weekly broadcast of the Hope Channel; for 20 years as speaker for the It Is Written telecast; and he became a pioneer of satellite evangelism technology when he launched the first NET evangelism satellite series broadcast in North America. Together they have been involved in Christian ministry for over 40 years- preaching, teaching and offering spiritual growth workshops, conducted over 100 evangelistic series that have spanned the globe with sermons translated into over 50 languages.

Dulles Airport

Our facility is located on the outer edge of the  Washington D.C metro area. The closest airport is Dulles International (IAD). It’s a 30 minutes drive in no traffic.

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Make sure you check training prerequisites before you submit this form. You can find the prerequisite information on the event details below this form. If you have any questions please use the Contact Us page  to submit a question or call 1-301-680-6619

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