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If you’ve ever wondered how the martyrs of the Middle Ages were able to sing while burning at the stake, you can now discover the secret of their unshakeable faith. Be inspired by the courage of Huss and Jerome, the conviction of Wycliffe and Wesley, the compelling faith of Tyndale and Luther as they faced prison, trial, persecution, and death—but ultimately—victory!

Their faith was unshakeable because they had fixed their sights on a “city whose Builder and Maker was God.” They clung to the promises of God’s Word and to the hope of His return. They had found a God whose heart loved and longed for His children. God’s Word became their guide. His love became the motivating factor in their lives. His grace and goodness became the essence of their glorious song.

Hold onto Jesus’ promise: “Heaven and earth will pass away But my words will by no means pass away” (Matthew 24:35, NKJV). God’s truth will triumph at last!

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